Qualitea Refreshed Gulfood 2016 participation with healthy, best-tasting ‘power teas’

In February 2016, Qualitea Refreshed Gulfood Participation with healthy, best-tasting ‘power of teas’, at the world’s largest annual food and hospitality show with over 100,000 visitors. Qualitea was streamed in Hall 1 – Stand 102 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Invented in 1989, Qualitea Ceylon (Pvt) Limited, a branded tea exporter in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) for Premium Quality Ceylon Tea. They have been supplying high quality tea to more than 55 countries around the world for the last 26 years, and their very experienced staff have been involved with tea production and distribution for many years.

In Ceylon, the power of tea lies, not only in its taste value, but on the distinctiveness of its nutrition and the way it is consumed. Ceylon Tea is considered the best in the world. From the tree to your cup, what could be sweeter than tasting its aroma with inexplicable pleasure, one experiences a kind of freshness no other herb has been known for.

This year Qualitea Celebrates 27 Years of tradition, refreshment and expertise.