What our customers have to say
Black tea and green tea in individual foil envelopes are of excellent quality. I like the quality of the envelopes with its lovely designs.

Evgeniya Gorbunova
Odessa, Ukraine
Earl Grey Flavoured Tea in foil envelopes is becoming more and more popular. Foil envelopes are convenient and nicely retain that special flavour.

Roman Viktoniv, Business Owner
Lviv, Ukraine
Qualitea products have tremendous creamy taste, unlike other teas I have tasted. Qualitea is exceptional.

Mr Kayode
South Africa
My Daddy is a diabetic patient, and Qualitea Natural Green Tea has been of big help in enhancing his health.

Mrs. Marthah
South Africa
Drink Qualitea Ceylon Tea. It is the taste of joy!

Alhoo Tushar
Nickerie, Suriname
I love Qualitea… I have to drink it every night!

Nicole Arja
Beirut, Lebanon
Qualitea Flavoured Tea is the best blend of tea I have ever seen – it’s a tea that is a blessing to the world!

Marina Habib
Kishinev, Moldova
I love Qualitea English Breakfast Tea. I had it in a hotel in Japan during a visit and it is very much better than other teas that I have tasted.

Zhang Wanting
Taiwan, China
Qualitea Big Leaf Tea is an excellent tea. We enjoy it very much and no other tea can match that taste.

Mrs. Amoola Amal
Saudi Arabia